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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> cars almost slam each other. pedestrians almost hit. traffic lights on the fritz. why the city says blame the cold cold. >> and beautiful newborn baby was born with that shocked even her docto (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> right now at frigid cold is still gripping the area. a live look at the blustery pocono mountains and you can see here and there snow whipping off the mountains. can't believe people are still
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skiing. temperatures right now feel like it is below zero up there and across the delaware valley it's in the single digits. snow could make a mess of your morning drive. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm dawn timmeney. iain page is off on this bitter cold night. scott williams is out bracing the temperatures tracking the snow. he's live in old city with a chilling reality check. scott? >> that's right, dawn and lucy, right now temperatures are in the teens. i'm bundled up dressed in layers and, yes ultimate doppler is tracking a weak storm system that could bring some snowfall to parts of the area north and west early tomorrow morning. so as far as the timing, cloud cover increases tonight but take a look at the clock. 5:00 a.m. the pocono mountains the lehigh valley we're looking at a few flakes. some of that will makes way into montgomery, bucks county. by 6:00 a.m. when you're watch going day not a whole lot of moisture with this but you can see by nine, 10:00 o'clock some of it moving into south jerseys especially burlington and ocean counties. not anticipating a whole lot of
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accumulation with this. maybe a coating to an inch far north and west. mainly allentown toward the pocono mountains. maybe into upper montgomery and bucks. 17 degrees right now with the wind chill of seven. so when you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures will actually be in the teens as opposed to the single digits that we saw this morning. when i come back inside we'll talk more about friday's system as well as another blast of cold air and several chances for snow in that seven day forecast. back to you. >> scott the bitter cold has frozen up traffic lights across philadelphia. so is a warmup what they need to fire back up? fox 29's brad satin headed to the city's streets department to shed some light on the very dangerous problem. brad? >> reporter: lucy this is one of the area that is had a problem for a couple hours earlier tonight. you see the lights are back up and running much that's got news. we're at the corner of 22nd and mark street here because of this cold weather there were about 10 times the number of outages today compared to a
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usual day. rush hour traffic can be bad enough in center city but come upon a dead street light and it goes right out the window. blame it on the weather says the city street light engineer. >> our service calls have gone up due to the cold weather. >> reporter: in warmer weather three or four lights need fixing in an adversary day when the temps drop into the tense or below -- >> last shit we got somewhere around 33 calls. >> reporter: 10 crews are roaming the city at any given time but until they get there -- >> i'm scared to step in the street. go ahead. you go. thank you. >> reporter: shanay marie felt like she took her life into her hands. of the city's nearly 3,000 street lights about 60% of them still use technology that dates back to the 1950s. >> as you can see actually a unit that moves around. >> reporter: that spinning dial controls the lights and in cold weather can get stuck.
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the city is updateing to a fully computerized system with no moving parts and usually not impacted by the cold. but the cold is keeping adam here busy. >> everything is related to the cold. when it gets below freezing we've got problems. >> reporter: he arrives here after about 90 minutes and waist nos time. >> we got juice baby. >> reporter: flashing yellow is a start then reboots the system and after a few more minutes -- come on baby, come on. come back to life. >> reporter: the green yellow and red are back. got seven more jobs after this one. his fingers are already a bit numb but adam thinking warm thoughts as has way with words. >> just like being in the heat except now you're wearing a coat coat. >> reporter: well he was the hero tonight but i think the cold may be got to his head just a bit. we can tell that you crews are working around the clock. they're doing this 24 hours a day right now through this weather to try to get these lights back up as quickly as possible. if you see one down anywhere in the city of philadelphia best
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advice is to dial 311. dawn? >> all right, thank you, brad. and thanks to facebook, the gloucester county animal shelter can now keep its furry friends warm. a fire there yesterday afternoon destroyed blankets, towels and all kinds of other winter supplies to keep the animals warm, but after posting their problem on facebook, the shelter received an outpouring of donations more than it actually needed. it usually gets about 1500 hits a day on facebook by today it had 92,000. the shelter says it plans on sharing its good fortune by making donations to other local shelters. and remember fox 29 has you covered from the moment you wake up in the morning. sue serio will up to the minute forecast information. bob kelly will have any problems that out there on the roads. the fox 29 morning news team starts at 4:00 a.m. "good day philadelphia" at 6:00 o'clock until 10:00. >> one wild scene played out in philadelphia's strawberry mansion and tonight one man is under arrest accused of rupping over a police officer. cops say they pulled over 23-year-old dominic fallon and
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things immediately got out of hand much police say when they asked fallon toss get out of his car he tried to grab an officer's gun. then police say he backed up hitting the officer. it all happened just before lunch at the intersection of 32nd street and susquehanna avenue. investigators say the officer did fire off one shot and though fallon drove off police caught him a short distance away. >> the male in question actually grabbed the officer's gun and tried to pull him inside the vehicle. that's when he was able to pull off successfully. >> the officer is 32-year-old joseph coach her ease bruised up but that's about all. prosecutors have charged fallon with attempted murder and the list goes on. and now to a story you will only see on fox tonight. a terrifying night for local business owner. police say he was kidnapped beaten and robbed on his way home from work. fox 29's dave schratwieser live in west philadelphia. dave police obviously really want to find whoever did this and fast. >> reporter: want to get them off the street right a way.
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police say this 60-year-old business owner is lucky to be alive after that terrifying ordeal in which he was targeted and literally snatched off the street a few doors from his home. tonight business owners here in west philadelphia are on edge. >> always be careful. you never know whose watching you. >> reporter: business owners on this busy stretch of north 52nd52nd street were to afraid to show their faces thursday night after a local businessman was kidnapped off the street, robbed and stabbed. >> the streets are dangerous. especially when we closing. >> reporter: 60-year-old co own are in of this take out restaurant walking hope wednesday night just before 10:00. he turned on to his block and walk past a black car with new york tags. that's when someone got out. >> gets out with a gun. tells him to give his money. get in the back seat of the car. >> reporter: three men inside the car pistol whipped the man stole $80 and the keys to his house. they demanded he tell them where he lived. >> they threatened to kill him. these males are asking him where the money is. >> reporter: suspects took
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$1,200 from his home. got back in the car and started to pull away. >> victim fearing for his live makes a pretty daring move. he jumps from the vehicle as he jumps from the vehicle they stab him in the leg. >> it could have happened to anyone. honestly speaking the speaking incident stunned this business corridor and had many worried for their own safety when they close up at night. >> we've been very cautious. i mean this is just wake up call again. >> very dangerous. we don't have any jobs like this at this time but if they're doing it to this mail they make take other opportunities to try it again. >> reporter: now police still searching for the three suspects in a black car with new york tags. the victim tonight is resting at home from a stab wound to his leg. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. could pennsylvania's top law enforcement official be in serious trouble with the law? the philadelphia inquirer citing several sources reports a special prosecutor and grand jury recommending criminal charges against attorney general
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kathleen ca inform e. the grand jury has been investigateing allegations democrat leaked secret information about an investigation of a philadelphia civil rights leader. the inquirer says the panel has concluded cane broke grand jury secrecy rules to make the former state prosecutor who handled the investigation look bad. cane maintains no information releaseed violated grand jury rules. montgomery county da risa ferman must now decide to file charges against her and so far she's not commenting on the matter. >> recovery crews have suspended their search for the night. they're looking for the body of a man who was killed during a silo collapse earlier today. this happened in bristol township, bucks county at the riverside industrial complex around midnight. rescue crews started the search hoping that they would be able to find 48 year old anthony gabriel alive. but as time past they realized they had to change this mission to one of a recovery operation. officials say the weather conditions and the cement materials that collapsed around
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the trapped worker are hindering their efforts. >> there's so much debris. thousands of pounds of steal um thousands of pounds of dry cement over 10-foot high that we have had to cut plywood and make ramps to get in. it's a very dangerous and technical rescue operation. >> crews will return to the site tomorrow. no word on exactly what caused that silo to collapse. developing tonight police swat teams troops and helicopters are tracking two suss specs in yesterday's terrorist attack on a parisian newspaper. they're 18-year-old step brother surrendered to police yesterday. several others linked to the brothers are also in police custody. france is on high alert as authorities worry the terrorist cos strike again. 12 people died in the attack. u.s. government officials are vowing to help france in its fight against terror. >> we've made clear and the president has indicated this as
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has the secretary that we will provide them any information or assistance that they would like. >> president obama made unscheduled visit to the french embassy in washington, d.c. wrote a note in condolence book to honor the people killed in yesterday's terrorist attack. he offered america's deepest sympathies saying we go forward together knowing that terror is no match for freedom and ideals we stand for. ideals that light the world. vigil for the victims is tomorrow in center city's love park if you would like to show your support it begins at 6:00 p.m. family and friends gather in manayunk tonight to say a final goodbye to shane montgomery. hundreds of people attending a viewing at saint john the baptist church in manayunk for the 21-year-old west chester university student. volunteer divers found shane montgomery's body in the schuylkill river on saturday morning. he had been missing since early thanksgiving morning after a night out with some friends. shane's family says authorities are calling his death an accident.
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>> a much needed fundraiser tonight for the family of 39-year-old bernard ray. someone shot and killed him early sunday morning. his van ended up crashing into three parked cars. ray worked at earth bread and brewery in mt. airy. the owners of the restaurant held that fundraiser tonight with all of the money going to the family that ray leaves behind and philadelphia police do have a person of interest in the shooting. memorial service for ray is set for saturday. ♪ a bus driver climbs back into his bus through a smashed windshield. when you see why you'll be stunned he's alive. >> and the fright of one woman's live when a snake slithers out of her toilet. >> i book it out of there plunger still in hand and screamed all the way to my desk. >> my, oh, my, what animal control actually found when they walked in. parents take a look. a new drug sweeping our area. and not even the best life-saving tool can help. the three images that are red flags.
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>> he's supposed to deliver packages right? why is this fed he can driver putting this homeowner's pup into his truck. >> that's kidnapping for sure. those are little babies. >> the driver admits putting the dogs i
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♪ bucks county woman has one incredible story of determination. she decided she was not going to be a victim despite a man stealing her very expensive new purse. >> of course it certainly not what police recommend. but dave kinchen tells us she just reactioned and instead of the purse the robber -- robber had another thing comeing.
10:15 pm
>> i can't believe this is happening to me. >> reporter: it wasn't what shelby ray hahn was expecting when dancing with friends at stephanie's sports bar in doylestown saturday night. >> we were just enjoying ourselves. nothing crazy and all of a sudden i just felt my right arm just fling forward. >> reporter: she says a man had just grabbed her pricey louie vuitton purse even ripping the strap but she did not let up up. >> i just chased after him and that was my first instinct that i can't believe this is happening. i'm noting this happen. >> reporter: he was bigger than her but still pick the wrong woman to mess with. >> we scuffled into a coat room. and like kind of fell in there. and i was like trying to get it from him and we were pushing each other back and forth. he eventually pushed me back down. >> reporter: 23-year-old paralegal spends her free time pumping iron at the gym doing heavy lifting for about a year and she says it came in handy. >> i know myself and i know my body limits and i -- i knew this was a situation i could take on. >> reporter: she suffered some
10:16 pm
bruises on her legs, but says she did what she had to do. >> i think it's my american god given right to defend myself. mack me feel good about myself and, you know, powerful and i think every woman has the choice to be strong. >> reporter: dave kinchen fox 29 news. two south jersey police officers now arrested and charged with child sex assault atlantic county prosecutors office telling us they were both arrested yesterday. the pair are a cued of using their position of authority to have sex with a 16-year-old. they're both being held on one hadn't dread thousand dollars bail. firefighters in blackwood new jersey, they battled not only a fire but temperatures and they had to call for backup while working to put out the flames at a 200 block of west lake avenue. firefighters say the cold made their job very difficult. no one was in the home at the time. and the red cross is now helping the owner. a newly formed group trying to come up with ways to cut down
10:17 pm
on the violence at one southwest philadelphia high school. city councilman kenyata johnson hosting the discussion tonight. he helped organize new group called friends of bartrum and the goal is to create lasting change at the school on the 6100 block of woodland avenue. back in november you may recall a teacher at bartram suffered a concussion after being knocked out by a student. and it was the third assault in just a month. >> delaware auto dealer out of business for now after a fox 29 investigation. the dmv pulled his license after jeff cole revealed the dealer sold a heavily rusted vehicle to a local mom for her daughter. here's jeff with a fallout. >> reporter: what is that? >> wall spackle. >> reporter: the chevy two door tara hilton both for her 16-year-old was so filled with rust, wall spackle had had been used to keep the rust from peeling away from the underside. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> i'm good. are you mr. juan. >> yes. hilton bought it for 1800 bucks
10:18 pm
from this man the owner of american dream dealership in newark delaware. he told us he never saw the rust. >> reporter: she said that you told her it was in very good condition and it was a very good car. that's what she said you told her. how did you know that? the car is all roughed out. >> i'm not a mechanic. >> reporter: you have to know what you're selling. >> i know what i'm buying and i know -- i'm buying car and selling car. i don't go under the car and look at the car. >> reporter: along with all that rust, hilton's mechanic discovered what he calls a quick fix brake job which had already gun to fail. when you applied the brakes, the brakes didn't work. >> the brakes didn't work. every day it would get worse and worse. >> reporter: the delaware dmv which had expected the car and passed opened an investigation of juan after we showed them um manages of the chevy. dmv now says the dealership is suspended for operating for four months starting right now. tara hilton wants more to be
10:19 pm
done. >> i'm hoping it goes into something that permanent. i don't think it's enough. >> reporter: do you not think he should continue to operate? >> i don't. i think he'll find a way around it they need to come down hard and set an example. >> reporter: the dmv he carried a whole dealers license which did not allow him to sell direct toll customers. agency says he ran hilton's purchase through an auto dealer in a southern state. juan's home where he ran his dealership a woman came to the door to say he's gone. >> he moved? >> yes. >> reporter: where is he now? >> i don't know. >> reporter: you're not together any more? >> no. >> reporter: you don know where he is? he's not running his car business here any more? >> no. >> reporter: jeff cole fox 29 news. >> a frightened woman calls 911 when she see what is group of teens are carrying through her neighborhood. >> young boys walking around with big old bleep. that teen runs up to the police officer yelling it's fake. the officer split second decision that saved lives.
10:20 pm
one family terrifying ride wedged under a semi truck dragged for miles. they can't see out of their van and have no way out. how they finally got that driver to stop and -- >> right when she first arrived everybody was just shocked. a beautiful newborn baby girl. what she was born with shocked even her doctors. others stopping by just to see for themselves. the surprise that left so many stunned. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kell. >> good evening everybody. if you'll be out and about using the marrankford line that's right using shuttle buses tonight through the overnight into tomorrow till about 5:00 o'clock. big delays all day on new jersey transit even on the northeast corridor trains expect those weather delays to continue through the overnight and hopefully we'll have them cleared up by tomorrow morning. out and about in chester county they'll be working on the ramps from 401 to 202. and in preparation for big traffic pattern change over the weekend penndot is working
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10:24 pm
the truck driver kept on driving. they called 911. >> i just want to get off the back of this thing. >> how fast are you guys going? >> i don't know. i can't even see because we're -- we don't have no lights nothing. >> still doing okay in there? >> yeah, we're all right. >> okay. >> the van breaks up from underneath of them i don't have any control of this thing. >> he sounds so calm. the truck dragged the mini van for 16 miles before police found it using gps. amazingly no one is hurt. the arctic blast sweeping the nation calling really icy problems a broken water main in indianapolis causing at least two cars to become stuck in the ice where they were parked. amazing. a man spending the day using a pick ax to try to free his car and he says despite the fact that the water main appears could have been broken for a few days he really did not see this coming. workers have been through the area salting the roads and the sidewalks trying to eliminate
10:25 pm
the ice on the street but nothing seems to have helped. >> quick thinking by a texas police officer prevent add tragedy for several families. now here's what happened. a 911 came in were you a group of teens carrying a real looking very big gun. >> young boys walking around with big old gun showing it. >> when a 16 year veteran pulled up behind them he told them all to put up that are hands and get on the ground. but one of the teens did not do it. instead that teen walked toward the officer with his hands up saying the gun is fake. but the officer couldn't be sure sure. >> he just trying to distract me looking at him and these two could pull out weapon? i'm not sure. >> your heart is pumping now? >> yes, it is. if this man chooses from this position to draw and fire, he can draw and fire before the officer can see that perceive that and stroke the trigger. >> the teen finally went to the ground. the teen has a beebee gun replica of a beretta. wow! >> next old drug with a new
10:26 pm
twist on our streets. even the best life-saving remedy does nothing. parents what you need to know about these packets. >> and new information that you need to know tomorrow morning. where we could be looking at snowfall. we're looking at ultimate doppler and the potential accumulations next. >> you're inspiration story of the night. a little girl and her dog. >> my dog london. >> trained specific toll help kai who battles a rare form of epilepsy.
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>> breaking news out of west philadelphia. philadelphia police say they are right now looking for a missing 10-year-old girl. here's picture of her. she was last seen on the 200 block of south 49th street. police say she is 4 feet tall. she weighs about 80 pounds. and she was last seen wearing a black hooded jordan down jacket with a jump man insignia on the back. if you know where she is, please give police a call. >> it's so cold tonight. new jersey police have
10:30 pm
battle on their hands against a deadly drug they say it is so potent even the best life saving tools cannot reverse its effects. >> getting the word out may be the only way to save lives. fox 29's shawnette wilson here now and shawnette this is really pretty scary stuff. >> reporter: it is no question question. you know, there's been big push on narcan used to reverse the effects of an overdose and save lives. series of drug mixes popping up under new names is causing drug overdoses that cannot be reverse reversed. pictures of a deadly concoction packaged and labeled to attract users. a high so dangerous a person who overdoses on it can't be revised revised. >> they're proud of the names they call it. they want people to share it and they want somebody who uses go ask for this because it was great. all marketing for them. they don't even care. >> reporter: new jersey state police are warning people about three highly lethal brands of drugs they say are responsible for the overdose deaths of six people recently.
10:31 pm
in these cases investigator investigators found packages of heroin, or a mix of unknown drugs labeled power hour you can taliban and strike dead. >> they're putting this in their hands saying this is their death sentence. >> patti die lorenzo last her son to a heroin overdose five years ago. it's part of her mission to help family and loved ones addicted to drug. she trains them to news narcan it's administered to reverse an overdose and save lives. >> probably close to 350 or more lives that have been saved by police with narcan in new jersey. and that's just in the last year year. >> reporter: investigators say narcan can't handle something this potent. >> we're doing everything we can and now this happens. you know now they're mixing it with other ingredients that are lethal. >> reporter: drugs labeled with the most recent stamps have been found in new jersey, pennsylvania and new york and here's the thing. some don't contain any heroin at all. so users may not know what they're getting. dawn? >> all right, thank you shawnette.
10:32 pm
important information. president barack obama wants to save millions of college students some money. he wants to make two years of community college free. the idea just announced tonight and needs approval from congress. the president says it would save students on average $3,800 in tuition each year and the federal government would pick up most of the tab. fed he can driver in texas caught on camera putting two expensive bulldogs in his delivery truck. so was he stealing or trying to protect the dogs? fox's isaia curry has more on the video and the investigation into what exactly is going on. >> reporter: this man didn't waste any time bolting for this house to this fed ex truck he spotted in his east houston neighborhood. wanted a good look at the driver driver. >> he went back all the way up to my front and took the other one and put him in his truck. >> that wasn't the driver he was looking for. this is him. a fed ex worker on a route who
10:33 pm
noticed his two french bulldogs in the front his house. he says the doing made it to the front lawn while contractors were working on his house. the pups have been the family six months. their names sheila and bruno. >> that's kidnapping for sure. those are my little babies. i can -- i can't imagine him coming in here and taking them and, you know, going off with them. i can't believe it. >> armando believed it once he look at this surveillance video from his home. he says two puppies valued at $2,500 each disappeared wednesday evening. he says he initially thought a neighbor stole the dogs until he saw this. take close look. it's a fed he can driver who lures two puppies from armando's driveway around 4:30 in the afternoon. >> he got sheila over there. i don't know if he showed her food or something but she ran straight to him and at that point, he couldn't help her. he just grabs her right there.
10:34 pm
see. secures her. and goes and puts her in the fed ex truck. >> that's when the driver was already been identified by fed ex then goes to grab bruno. but while he's putting bruno in the truck take a look, sheila hops right out of the back and is on the run. the driver then follows female dog to its owner's front door where she's corner. >> you see they're barking at him. >> that didn't stop the determined man. he grabs a second dog takes it to the fed ex ground drug locks up and takes off with the family's doing. >> what was the first thing that wept through your mind? that he was an idiot for not even checking to see if i had cameras. they're all over my house and he was so worried about the puppies he didn't look up. there's a camera right on top of him report roar the driver has told his supervisors at fed ex he was only trying to help the puppies. and he doesn't have them any more. >> denying it completely. >> what he saying.
10:35 pm
>> he pick up the dogs and put them in the truck and they escape. >> erika says video says the driver is lying. and all they want are their dogs back at home because sheila and bruno are part of the family. >> for somebody to just come in and take them away from us, you know and then -- it's not right right. >> we have a happy ending to report. the family and they're beloved bulldogs are back together again again. they were found last night near ahoy way of all things. fed he can says it's taking this case very seriously and cooperating with investigators. another brutally cold night out there, scott. >> that's right. and dawn, we're looking at some snowfall moving in for a part of tomorrow. a coating could occur. we'll talk about that coming up. it will stay cold right through the weekend but the main timing for that snow is tomorrow window between 5am to 11:00 keep it here to fox 29 sue will have the update tomorrow morning. right now we're taking a look at this area circled. you can see snow moving toward the pittsburgh area.
10:36 pm
the western part of the state. and this is the disturbance that will be watching especially north and west early tomorrow morning as we roll the clock we're dry overnight but by 5:00 a.m. especially toward carbon, monroe looking at some snow in the pocono mountains. also moving toward allentown. potentially moving into norristown also moving into sections of around quakertown, doylestown trenton and then as we roll around 8:00 a.m. we can still be looking at snowfall around trenton maybe toward the philadelphia area moving into burlington as well as ocean counties before it rapidly moves out and we tart to see sunshine for the second half of the day. so as we run a computer model you can see where you see that light blue that's a coating to potentially an inch toward the pocono mountains. quake consider town, perkasie moving toward allentown bethlehem and mount pocono. 19 degrees that was the high temperature today. you can see temperatures right now still pretty chilly but winds are out of the south and west so that will help us out a bit.
10:37 pm
the wind chills coming not quite as cold as it was last night and certainly we are looking at improveed conditions. temperatures tomorrow might get above freezing. 16 in the city tonight. 13 in the suburbs. then 33 degrees tomorrow with that morning snow. not as brutal as what we saw today. that seven day weather authority forecast showing you back to bitter cold saturday. temperatures in the 20s. and then sunday we're looking at temperatures above freezing and then take a look at early neck week. monday tuesday wednesday thursday, dawn and lucy we could see some rain and some snow. back to you. >> going to be warmer at least. thank you very much scott. >> happiest place on earth maybe not at the moment. the outbreak that has nearly a dozen disneyland visitors really sick. >> a woman having toilet troubles and the culprit a snake. she didn't see it at first but she did have
10:38 pm
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and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. ♪ woman in california gets quite a shock in her office bathroom. stephanie lasko noticed the toilet water level was higher than usual at her office in san diego. she got out a plunger and start started plunging she saw huge
10:41 pm
snake coming out of the toilet. >> i book it out of there plunger still in hand and screamed all the way to my desk. >> lasko was so scared she tape the door shut and called san diego animal control. officers say that snake is 6 feet long and it is a bowa constrictor. the snake is apparently just find and they're trying figure out where in the world it came from. >> that is the question of the night. in your money a beef recall right in our area. usda says two frozen beef products sold in new jersey could have metal in them. they're from union any bright foods sold between august and december of this past year. so far it hasn't made anyone sick or injured anyone. you can get more information on our website quick on the scene on tv tab. next a bus driver climbs back into his bus through a smashed windshield. when you see why you'll be stunned that he's even alive. >> a life-changing moment for a local child. kai has aware form of epilepsy
10:42 pm
and needs a special service dog.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
pick up runs a red light
10:45 pm
slams into an city bus. video shows the bus driver unside when it happened right there. he tries to maintain control but hits a pillar. the impact throws him through the windshield. nobody was on the bus other than the driver. and after all of that amazeingly he only had minor injuries and same with the driver of the pick up. >> now a great update to a story we brought you over year ago people coming together to raise money for a service dog for a little girl from montgomery county who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy. well the first grader finally has her puppy and not only is the bond between the two unbreakable this precious pooch has the ability to save her life. six-year-old ky loves to play with her young-year-old golden retriever london much these two are inseparable. best buddies. >> i love london. >> that's the idea. this furry friend is a service dog. specifically trained for her
10:46 pm
needs. ky suffers from catastrophic form of epilepsy marked by severe seizures developmental and speech delays and behavioral issues. >> if ky was actively having a seizure london would be able to detect the chemical reaction that's occurring in her body. she would would be giving up a a scent and london would be able to let us know. >> the non-profit organization four paws for ability trains and places service dogs with children with dissable. ky and her parents traveling to ohio in late october to finally pete their new four legged family member after a* applying for this service dog over a year ago. the family spending two weeks in training themselves before bringing london home. >> the second day trainers brought that dog out she was beaming. she feds him treats. she filed and laugh. >> to help build the bond ky
10:47 pm
feeds london since london is food motivateed by like many dogs. she gives him lots of doggie treats. >> london sleeps with her every night. her parents have a rid yo monitoring system that feeds into their bedroom should chef seizure but london provideing a huge piece mind. >> most of her seizures have occurred right at night. hopefully london will be the first one to know she's having a seizure and sense it ahead of time and let us know. >> london goes just about everywhere that ky goes. giving ky some freedom she didn't have before. >> ky has immense amount of independence by having london with her. she wears a tow cher strap which is a basically a leash that goes between london and ky. that gives ky the ability to walk alone she doesn't have to be holding a hand of an adult all the time and she feels like she's walking london. >> london is trained in search
10:48 pm
and rescue should ky wander off. which she tends to do. >> good girl. >> and because ky also has behavioral issues cuddling exam i don't know is able to keep her calm. >> totally just changes her demeanor. she realizes she's having fun with london. whatever was the problem it melts away. >> london is the perfect ice breaker. the hope people will ask ky about her dog. and that will in turn push ky to interact and socialize with others which she sometimes has a difficult time doing. >> it could actually help her speech by talking to the children about her dog even if it's just saying this is mylon don. >> you can how much she loves london. >> ky is on a great combination of seizure medication with wonderful results but this syndrome is rare and severe and very scary for her parents every day that ky does not have a seizure is a gift and having
10:49 pm
london is live changing on so many levels. and lucy by the way i just found out that today is ky's birthday and her twin sister she has a twin sister taylor. happy birthday to the girls. >> absolutely. london go to school with ky? what happens. london has been to school for a visit with ky she's in a special education class. >> okay. so they're trying to figure that out. they don't want her to be a disruption. >> gotcha. she's just the sweetest dog and the cutest little girl. i love them both. >> if london in my classroom and i would that age i would want to pet the dog all the time. you're right. thank you very much. happy birthday to the girls. in your health tonight an alert california's disney land. dozen visitors caught the measles much the park is working with the cdc to provide any necessary information. so far no employees have tested positive for the virus. those who did get the measles range in age from eight months to 21 years old. health officials believe single unimmunized visitor to disney land or adjacent california
10:50 pm
adventure park is the source of the outbreak. one missouri newborn is making news with her smile. alyssa came into the world last night. little something extra that extra is two front teeth. doctors say the two little teeth she had grown normally would the rest of her teeth her mom says her daughter's smile surprised both doctors and nurses. >> in her 25 year career this is the second time she's ever seen it. >> dad discover those teeth right away mom says her daughter smile will be here to stay. >> baseball season, tonight citizens bank park has been booming. >> the phillies kicking off their annual campaign for the ymca. their goal is to raise $5 million much the money will make sure more families can participate in y programs and they're off to great start tonight with 300 people turning out for the even. the phillies phanatic ruben amaro, jr. and community leaders all there to support
10:51 pm
this very worthy cause. >> baseball season will not be far away. i don't know what we have to look forward to but that's a good thing. it's springtime then. all right. the investigation has been completed on how roger goodell handled the ray rice situation with a 96 page report but they're all kinds of problems with these findings. and the flyers had their goaltender steve mason back in the net. but the flyers still take the
10:52 pm
♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪
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flyers reached the halfway point of the season and need a much better second half. they went for their second straight win at home tonight against washington. to the wells fargo center. washington took the lead against steve mason. he's okay. back in the net. that is alex ovechkin make it one to nothing washington. third period, washington up two- two-114 seconds later the flyers score rj umberger make it two- two-two. they go to overtime again the flyers in overtime. this with a power play. four skaters to three advantage and jake vorachek the score. flyers within the they are second straight and the score 33-two. nfl had a big problem this past year all the situations with domestic violence boy their players and really reached epic proportion biggest and most public case was the situation with ray rice punching his then fiance' in an elevator in revel and knocking her unconscious.
10:55 pm
but what became bigger was the story of the nfl commissioner roger goodell saying did he not go about the video in the elevator when the fiance' was knocked unconscious. so the nfl paid for an investigation to get what they called the truth. former director of the fbism robert mueller submitted a 96 page report that backed goodell no one in the nfl knew the tape existed. obviously that's ridiculous since i knew and i reported the tape existed and did so 36 hours after the incident in february. now, clearly, i believe this investigation is still a coverup to protect the nfl commissioner. but the report list lead problems which again i find hard to believe didn't happen. the report says the inform fl did not contact proper authorities including the atlantic city prosecutor's office. however, i know from a source that the nfl did contact the new jersey courthouse so you're telling me they didn't contact the prosecutor's office afterwards? i'm also told by a source that a law enforcement official from atlantic county
10:56 pm
has a fed ex receipt that he sent the tape to the nfl. other problems. they didn't ask rice or his attorney to make the tape available and they didn't follow up way the ravens to see if the team had additional information. still appears there is a coverup coverup. all right. an exciting time in high school players live when he decides on a college to play his basketball. but then something went wrong today for carlton brag out of cleveland. >> i would like to make my decision. next year i'll be playing university of kentucky -- kansas kansas. i'm sorry. >> my dad did that too for the wrong daughter at a wedding man man. >> he got a better coach and better program. he might be happy at kansas. >> all right. thanks how war. >> we're still following breaking news. philadelphia police say they're looking for 10-year-old brown last seen on the 200 block of south 49th street in west philadelphia. he's 4 feet tall weighs about
10:57 pm
80 pounds. last seen wearing a black hooded jordan down jacket with jump man insignia on the back. if you've seen him call police. >> and remember to watch tmz coming up at 11:00. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia" sue serio and bob kell vol your weather and traffic covered all morning. be sure to stay tuned and have
10:58 pm
(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> calvin klein deceived us. justin bieber is not hairy. >> they added a bunch of hair to make it look manlier. >> when you see the video it looks like a girl's stomach. >> kim kardashian at the airport with kanye, going to security. she gets pulled over into the secondary check, sits down to put her heels back on. full butt crack. the butt crack comes pouring out. >> it's not even a coin slot. it's a mailbox. >> bill cosby had a big show in canada wednesday night. you go in and there's a picture of bill cosby with someone with short hair. harvey put it up on the website that it was his wife.


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